Well, hello there.


Kayla Hulen
Hello there!

So for the past two years or so, I’ve been puttering around trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my blogging and web presence. I had a wordpress.com blog, where my career/marketing/lifestyle thoughts sometimes found a home, and a “geek blog,” which never failed to stress me out – every time I thought about posting, I went through this whole “does it fit?” “am I setting myself up for harsh critique?” “is this ___ enough?” rigamarole.  So this time, I’m just here to be me and share the things I love. I know that the first twenty times or so, I’m probably going to look at what I’ve written and hate it. After talking to a number of bloggers, and bouncing this idea around with my biggest supporters, I’ve made peace with that, and I know that my blogging is going to grow and change over time.

On this blog, you’re going to find a little bit of everything, but I can guarantee that you’ll see quite a bit of:

  • Indianapolis love
  • Celebration of delicious food and craft beer
  • Fangirling over my favorite books, movies, comics, TV shows, etc.
  • Gaming adventures – both video and tabletop
  • Daily life with my awesome fiancé and our little zoo

And sometimes, when there’s something really important that we need to talk about, we might get a little serious.

This is a new journey, and I can’t wait to share it with ALL of you!


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