Back from the dead…

Hey, guys! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I’ve been through some tough times, done some soul searching, and come to the realization that writing and maintaining a mass communication platform like a blog is something I need to prioritize. And so, here we go again!

I’ve got two new jobs, plenty of new challenges to overcome, and a wedding to plan by just about this time next year. I’ve encountered some incredibly ugly situations, and have been fighting battle after battle with depression and anxiety – which is part of the reason I have with renewed passion, started fighting back, little by little, in my day to day life, against mental health stigma. I have also made it my mission to find better balance in my life – prioritizing self-care, and learning to be my own hero and advocate. Whenever I feel beat down, I think of this scene in Mulan and tell myself, no matter what the challenge, I WILL retrieve the arrow *Kayla, your Disney nerd is showing*

Mulan retrieves the arrow
Because Ming-Na Wen voices Mulan, I also think of her and Agent May from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – all help me channel my inner badass 🙂

Lots of things have changed in my personal life, but the theme of this blog will remain relatively the same. I’ll still be talking about my wonderful hometown of Indianapolis, general geekery and pop culture, gaming, and life with my wonderful fiancé, Shawn, and our little zoo. In addition to those things, I will also probably bring up travel – especially of the Disney variety, self-care, mental health issues, and wedding planning. The aforementioned additions represent things that are currently dominating my thoughts, so you’ll hear about them a lot in the next 6 months or so.

You will probably NOT hear much about my politics or social conscience. Some will say I’m a coward for not speaking up for what I believe in, and some will say they don’t need my beliefs shoved down their throat when they come to read about geek culture and that new bar in Fountain square – I say the thought of arguing with hateful commenters gives me terrible anxiety and fills me with feelings of dread. So, for the sake of my own mental health issues, I will not be discussing social or political issues on this blog.

Now that we’ve got the icky part out of the way, I can tell you that I am positively delighted that you’re here and that you’ve decided to spend even a couple of minutes with me on this journey! Stay tuned for more very, very soon! I’m currently in a mental state of pure joy and boundless energy and have some awesome things planned for the next few days!