Hello, Friend

about Kayla Hulen
this is me, let’s be friends!

“I’m not ashamed, it’s the computer age. Nerds are in! They’re still in, right?”

– Willow Rosenberg

I’m a recovering digital marketer. I’m a student of anything I can learn, a gamer, a feminist, and a huge freaking geek living in good old Indianapolis. I am unabashedly in love with my city. I have an awesome partner in crime and a veritable zoo of fur and feather babies at home. Nice to meet you, friend, and thank you for coming. Help yourself to a beer (or a cup of tea if you’re sXe for life or something), and make yourself at home.

P.S. Unfortunately it must be said because sometimes people confuse people with corporations; I work for Microsoft and DAVIDsTEA. By no means, does this make this blog even remotely close to reflecting the opinions of my employers, Microsoft and DAVIDsTEA. My opinions and thoughts are my own, and come from MY BRAIN. When I mention products that are connected to my employers, the opinions I express are my genuine thoughts on the product – not an official review, endorsement, or corporate statement.

Phew, hopefully that’ll do!